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"I had the great, good fortune of joining Susan and Parker's Performing Solo Workshop last August.  The experience created a sea change transformation in my life and work as a writer and performer.  Their workshop inspired me to write a new show that I’m absolutely passionate about and features spoken word, music and multi-media."  - Anna Bogdanovich

"Performing Solo" with Susan and Parker was a life changing positive experience for me. With both their expert guidance I was able to work through and conquer my life long stage fright. And sharing my story with family and friends via the live show and taped YouTube clip allowed me more than I had hoped for.  I would recommend "Performing Solo" to anyone with a story to share."

- John Starr www.johnstarractor.comnage Items.

"Susan and Parker are master craftsmen at guiding you and your story to greatness.  They are a solid team who each has their unique approach to storytelling. Their combined talents make “The Power of One” the perfect opportunity to showcase your story in a professional, supportive and fun environment. Everyone has a story. Susana and Parker will show you how to take it off the page and onto the stage!"

"An AMAZING class!  I was initially scared to take it because I didn't consider myself a "writer."   Susan and Parker quickly calmed  my fears with humor, skill, and patience!  Through exercises and encouragement they helped me find my story and then provided me with a safe place to explore it until I had a script!  I loved the process so much that I took the class TWICE!"  - Suzanne Dodd

"Susan and Parker didn't just help me craft a story, they gave me tools to use in acting, comedy writing, and well beyond the world of performance. Take this opportunity to learn and discover with them. Go on a journey through your own life and give the world a story they've never heard before!" - Ian Cardoni

"In discovering my voice as a writer, Performing Solo gave me permission to delve deeper into who I am.  It has transformed the way I communicate in my everyday life...being precise and concise with my words, so I am heard and understood while at the same time, revealing my True Self." - David Goryl

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